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If you're looking for a unique piece that you can't find in those big department stores, we might just have it! Remember the old saying "They don't make it like that anymore"? These are the pieces we seek out at estates. Foot stools, chairs, dressers, end tables, hope chests and more. Back when furniture arrived assembled, not flat in a box with a twenty page manual to help put it together. And most were made in the states! Step in or contact us to see what new pieces are in this week!

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Take a Passage Through Time, When Quality Mattered!




China Cabinets




Curio Cabinets

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Wooden Antique Cupboard

Find all sorts of vintage and antique furniture at our store! We commonly have a selection of china cabinets, buffets, couches, side chairs, vanities, tables and more! You never know what you'll find while walking through our store.

"First time in store today. Did not leave empty handed! From crystals to jewelry to buddhas to furniture, blankets and small treasures. Love the selection and everyone in store was kind and helpful. Very fair in pricing. Cant wait to go back!"

Lisa Eitzen

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